57 Last Minute gifts for Him when you are on a BUDGET

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57 Last Minute gifts for Him when you are on a BUDGET

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My husband is an incredibly generous man and giving gifts is his love language. When we decided to tackle our debt full force, birthday gifts, anniversaries, and special holidays were our greatest debate. I didn’t want to curb his generosity or the joy he gets when giving a great gift but the gifts were quickly adding up and wrecking our budget.


So what do you do when you love giving gifts but are on a tight budget?

I realized there was a happy medium. After realizing how easily our budget could be destroyed by birthday gifts for family and friends we got creative!

  • We planned ahead

Both Josh and I have many close family friends and relatives. During our bi-monthly budget meetings we would discuss upcoming parties and holidays and put them into our budget. This meant that if there were a lot of birthdays that month we would have to cut in other areas.

  • We buy online

Amazon is my friend! Where else can you click a button on your lunch break and check something off your to-do list? Life is busy, who has time to go to the store?!? More than that going to the store is dangerous for me. Not just because I am tempted to buy items not budgeted for, but worse than that, I can quickly become discontent and easily discouraged. Paying off debt is a long process, and can become even longer when you get discouraged and fall off the wagon. So stay on the pay off debt train, stay within your budget, and look at these great gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

Great Gifts Under $35

For the Star Wars Guy

Yoda Pillows

R2D2 Storage Bin

 Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener 

Death star, Yoda, Stormtrooper Cufflinks

For the Stylish Guy

Wooden Glasses 

Personalized Wooden Ring

Wooden Watch

Cool Cufflinks



For the Hip Guy


Pour Over Coffee Maker

Messenger Bag


Cool Book Ends

Wireless Head Phones

For the Wine/Beer Guy

Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker and Bar Tools

Rocket Ship Cocktail Shaker

Giant Yard Dice

Ladder Toss Game

Wine Decanter

Wine Decanter 2 – Okay this one is $40 but it is so cool!

For the Outdoorsy Guy

Camping Hammock 

Adventure Awaits Camping Mug

Yeti Tumbler

The Most Intense Headlamp I’ve ever seen!!!

Hunting Knife

Water Proof Dry Bag 

Emergency Fire-starter, Compass, and Whistle

Survival Paracord Bracelet

Camping Cookware

For the Funny Guy

Ask me about my Ninja Disguise

We all know someone who needs this

Ask me about my Father

I have a great brother but this is for those that are just… okay 🙂

I didn’t fart mug

Bacon Scented Candle… yes this is a thing



Free Budget Form Here!

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