The one Book I Read that Motivated me to pay off $30,000 of Debt in just 11 months

The book that motivated me to pay off debt

The one book we read to motivate us to pay off 30,000 in 11 months!

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Can I just say it…. I hate debt! I have hated debt for a while, yet for some reason I just continued to live with this thing I hated. Like many I accepted debt and didn’t do much about it for years. So how did my husband and I pay off $30,000 of debt in just 11 months? Call it destiny, call it fate, call it what you will, but it all started with just one book… and funny thing is we only started reading it because our internet was down and our Netflix wasn’t working. True story…

How did we get motivated to pay off debt?

Let me give you some brief background first. My husband and I begrudgingly boarded the 747 leaving our incredible honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. It was a week of pure bliss and sunshine but I knew reality would welcome us as we returned home. We put away our luggage and sat next to a smiling couple that could tell we were returning from our honeymoon. After sharing brief introductions they offered one piece of advice, “get on the same page financially.” Sounds obvious but so many marriages end in divorce and often finances are a catalyst.

Then the lovely woman with a southern drawl asked, “have you ever heard of Dave Ramsey?” We smiled and said yes, his name was thrown around in both of our households but we never read a book about personal finance before. My husband and I knew what we were supposed to do, but it didn’t mean we actually did it. We chatted a bit more but really didn’t want to spend the last few hours of our honeymoon thinking about the large amount of student loans coming due. As we disembarked the plane the wise lady left with a recommendation to read this book by Dave Ramsey we smiled and said “good idea”. Which is really just the pleasant way of saying, “thanks, but no thanks.”

How did we learn to love our wallet again?

I wish I could say we rushed out to the store and bought the book right away but we didn’t. We got back from our honeymoon and got swept away with life. My husband was busy studying for the bar exam and I was working full time and finishing my master’s degree. We moved into my sisters town house and were barely making ends me. We both were not huge spenders but had different priorities financially and were just pushing off our debt. That is until one night.


We were both exhausted from a long day of work and studying and were ready to click on Netflix and watch an episode of Flash (so good!), when the system just wouldn’t load. We tried to reload and reconfigure our internet for way too long then finally accepted defeat. My husband was looking through my sister’s bookshelf for something to occupy his time and what did he find? None other than the exact book the wise women on the plan suggested we read together. We laughed and knew we were being told something, and we better listened. Over the next two weeks we took turns reading a chapter a day and discussing what we learned and what was actually important to us financially.


Get Ready to Makeover your Wallet

Honestly, that book changed our marriage and truly got us on the same page financially. For the first time we sat down and decided what our main goals were and we decided together as a team that we needed to first pay down debt. This was the best thing for our marriage hands down! This book helped us set a budget that we both agreed on and encouraged us to write down all of our debts and get real with what we actually owed. Since we agreed on this budget together we were able to hold each other accountable when the other was not following the plan. I wanted to go to Italy and Josh wanted a car but since were now on the same page we were able to refocus each other on our goal of being debt free.

But more importantly reading about others that paid off thousands of dollars in debt made us believe we could actually do it too! Throughout the book there were testimonies that would inspire us to live unlike others our age. We gave up eating out, drove old cars, and held off on big purchases. Honestly, the testimonies are the best part of the book and gave us hope and several unique ways to pay off debt fast. We finished the book believing we could do it and in the next 11 months paid off 30,000 in debt!


If we can do it so can you!

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