17 Wedding Essentials we Bought Online Saving THOUSANDS!

what to buy online to save thousands on your wedding

How I saved over $3000 on our Wedding!!!

what to buy online to save thousands on your wedding

My husband and I got married in just under four months! On top of a tight timeline we had an even tighter budget. At the time my husband was finishing Law School so we were planning a wedding on one income and were determined to not go into debt for our wedding. This meant we had to shop around and be extra creative! 

Planning a wedding in just under four months, while working two jobs (oh and I was getting my master’s… good Lord, how did I do this?!?!) didn’t leave me much time to drive around from store to store or sleep for that matter! I had a lot to get done in a little time, so Amazon and me became best friends. Everything came to my door step in a few days and I just stacked them in appropriate boxes waiting for our wedding day. Weddings are expensive so my husband and I got a little creative and saved over $3000.00 on the big day! If you are anything like us, you don’t have much time or money to spare. 

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What did we buy online that saved us over $3,000?


My husband’s Ring

I love my husband! He is so uncomplicated and pretty easy to please. Since we were on a tight budget we had to cut where we could. My husband just wanted a simple polished ring. We ordered a few and choose a Cobalt Chrome ring that cost $25.00. Another couple told me they bought a similar ring for $500.00! We could have bought the titanium ring for $12.84 but decided to splurge for the shiny look 🙂

My Ring

My husband actually proposed with a $14.00 aquamarine ring he found on Amazon. I loved it all the same. He did this because he was working on getting a family heirloom placed into a different setting. But honestly I would have been fine either way.

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101 questions to Ask Before You get Engaged

Although we were already engaged this was part of our premarital counseling. Earlier on we asked all the big questions before the proposal this helped us skim through and ask a few questions we may have glazed over. This is also really helpful for some couples to identify potential red flags. I definitely don’t consider calling off a wedding a failure if deeper questioning reveal larger issues.


In my opinion one can never have too many sharpies! We used these for our guest book and made sure they didn’t smear before the big day. This was a last-minute ad on that could have turned into a two-hour trip to Target. But instead it took me 3 minutes to click and send.


Cake Knife and Server

I was walking around a local hobby and decor store and couldn’t believe the costs of cake knife serving sets! They were anywhere from $40-$50! This was something I would probably only use once and not willing to spend that amount. Instead I found one on Amazon for $7.99!


Ice Scoops

Since we were planning a wedding on a budget, there were a few parts of our wedding that we needed additional supplies to do it our selves. At the party store these were anywhere from $20.00 – $30.00.  We got two for $6.00!


Ring Pillow

At that same store I looked at generic ring pillows and saw some cheesy ones starting at $35.00 and the prices went up from there. We bought a small pillow with a string for only $4.00 instead. I couldn’t find the exact one but this one is close. In the end we ended up finding a pillow with sentimental value instead, but I had to include this because those prices were a rip off.



Thank God my husband thinks things through! As we were going through last-minute preparation we realized we would need to light the candles somehow. I remember seeing these at our local drugstore for far more expensive. But within 24 hours they were at my door. I bought a four pack for $15.00 and saved a few bucks but every little bit counts.



I am a multi-tasker extraordinaire and pretty frugal. For this reason the decor I used in my wedding would later be used in my home. I was working with a specific color scheme and budget. There was no time to search for 8 picture frames that were silver or white. The frames were used to tell guests to sign the guest book, list signature drinks, offer basic directions and housed wedding pictures from our parents and grandparents our guest book table. I got most of them under $10, where as similar ones were $20 each at the store. Even better I used these same frames to house my favorite wedding pictures after I said I do.


Chalk Pens

My sister has incredible handwriting so she was tasked with using the chalk pens to create all the signs needed to guide our guests on the big day. I was super thankful because my handwriting looks like a chicken scratch. I was able to find chalk pens in my wedding colors without the hassle.

what to buy online to save thousands on your wedding

Photo Booth Supplies

I wanted a photo booth that spit out a cute strip of photos but this was out of our budget range. Instead we made our our photo booth!  We simply asked our guests to use our wedding hashtag  and let them use their own phones. The hashtag allowed us to gather all the great snapshots in one place. It only cost us about $20.00. My mother in-law gathered together a bunch of the props. To save time kept adding items to a box labeled photo booth then loaded it up on the rehearsal day.


Silicone Shoe Pads

This was the best $3.00 I spent on the whole wedding. I bought these incredible red shoes to go under my white wedding dress as a little bit of symbolism and as a little pop of color. They were exquisite but also painful after a few hours. I saw the same shoe pads at the shoe store for $15.00 each.I couldn’t find the price I bought but these are still a great deal.

Bridesmaid Gifts


I remember buying these on my break at work. There was a pearl theme in my wedding and wanted save my besties some money by buying some of their accessories for them. I even ordered a few nice jewelry boxes so I could present them with a thoughtful note thanking them for their friendship. Buying gifts for your wedding seems like a never ending process, so you need to save where you can. These bracelets were under $20.00 and absolutely stunning. 


Hair Accessories

I couldn’t believe how expensive hair combs and hair accessories were at bridal shops. I suppose they really get you when you are used to everything costing an arm and a leg so what is another $100.00? But we didn’t have that kind of cash. Instead I bought this gorgeous hair comb for $18.99. You will definitely have to make sure you are not getting anything that looks cheap but this was the perfect accent to my hair and I was able to match my dress theme without countless hours of shopping.


The Veil

While searching for my wedding dress I tried on some veils as well to figure out my style. I found some gorgeous veils with a price sticker upwards of $100 dollars. I was shocked! This was something I was only going to wear once. I ended up ordering a few different veils to try them on with my dress at home. I went with one that cost about $15.00 and looked gorgeous if I do say so myself.



Probably the most shocking thing I bought online was a bustier. But after trying three stores and not finding a single one to try on I shifted my strategy. I ordered five bustier at once in various sizes and styles. My recommendation is that you check to make sure all items have free returns. They all arrived within a few days. I simply choose the most comfortable ones and returned the others the next day. Also, it was great that I was able to try these on with my dress because one of them rose to high and could be seen. I wouldn’t have know if I was just trying them on at the store. When everything was returned I only spent $55.00. Better yet I didn’t have to waste time going from store to store.


Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

This was another requirement for our pre-marital counseling. My husband and I are both Christians and believe in honoring God with every part of our lives including sex. This is the best book I’ve read on the subject. We recommend it to every young couple my husband and I counsel at church no matter your background.

Wedding budget, saving money, wedding under 10,000

How much did we save?

After some quick calculations we saved well over $3,000.00 on our big day!!! Some of the items we bought online only saved us a few bucks but opting to create our own photo booth, buy rings online, use inexpensive decorations, and inexpensive gifts saved us thousands! However, I would venture to say it saved us far more than that! Every time I went to the store I found something extra we “needed”. Thus the more I stayed away from stores the more we saved! More than that we saved a lot of time! With two jobs and an endless to-do list I had to make the most of every minute. 

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What did you buy online to save money on your special day?

Leave a comment below and share clever ways in which you saved money and stayed with in your budget! My hope is to later add your insights so we can all pass our wisdom on to others that are trying to do the same.





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  1. I love hearing about people who are reasonable and do not cross their limits. The most important thing in a wedding is to find the right partner not to have the most expensive dress. After all you will not wear it again.

  2. That is so cool. I am proud of you for sharing your list. But, how much was the entire wedding? I did not see that. Anyway, smart shopping. Some people are spending way too much on their wedding.

  3. Great tips there. I am to be married in 2 months and I totally get the pressure. I cannot believe you managed to do it in 4 months. Good on you x

  4. great job on saving money. we sometimes put too much attention on how much something cost instead of the things we should value in life.

  5. Bot of you seem like you are uncomplicated, easy to please people! I know many women who would freak if they didn’t receive a top of the line ____ fill in the blank. My husband and I, too, got married for something like $1,000, lol. I knitted my wedding dress and bought a used diamond on eBay.

    1. wow! Buying a used diamond on eBay! That’s a great idea but I would be a bit nervous. Did the transaction go smoothly? How much did you save?

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