67 Gifts for Dad When you are on a BUDGET!

gifts for dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner! And you want to show your father he means more to you than a stereotypical tie, but well your wallet is tight. You have two options A) blow your budget on some great gifts for Dad or B) get a bit more creative and live within your means. Well, I vote for option B, and I am here to help!

Father’s Day and Birthdays when your on a budget …. are well…. just plain stressful. Especially, if giving gifts is your love language. My husband is a gift giver extroidonare. He loves giving people gifts, and not cheap gifts but the expensive gifts that you wouldn’t buy for your self. Only one problem: over a year ago we committed to living on a tight budget so we could pay off a ridiculous amount of student loans as fast as possible. Our result: as of today we have paid off 38,000 in 14 months! Can I get a big “Hip Hip Hooray!”

How did we Learn to Live in on a Budget?


We did this by establishing four pillars of the debt free person in our life 1) we learn how to live on a budget 2) we saved for emergencies 3) we saved money on everything (including gifts and holidays!) and 4) we worked hard to increase our income. Read more about how our story began here. 

You want to show your father he means more to you than a stereotypical “World’s Greatest DAD Tie”, but well your wallet is tight. It is okay I got your back! I’ll even toss in a few ties if that is your thing 🙂

Gifts for Dad on a Budget… All Under $30!!!

Gifts for Dad on a budget

For the Grill Master

Star Trooper Apron

Complete with Stormtrooper Silicone Heat Resistant Mitt

Darth Vader Over Mitt – Yes this is REAL!

Darth Vader Grill Apron


Star Wars Pizza Cutter

Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs


BBQ Grill Tools 

Best BBQ Grill Brush!

Grill Cover

Shirts that say it all!


Daddysaurus Rex


The Grandfather



I Have CDO… It’s Like OCD…


Saw Dust is Man Glitter

Best. Dad. Ever.

Best. Papa. Ever.

I’m Your Father’s Day Gift



For the Music Dad

I couldn’t Pick a Better Dad

For the Smelly Dad

World’s Best Farter, I mean Father

Best Farter Ever. Mug


For the Father who likes to EAT!


Dad’s Ice cream Plow

Ice cream bowl that keeps your food cool

Dad’s Ice Cream


Pour Over Coffee Maker

For the Outdoorsy Guy

Camping Hammock 

Adventure Awaits Camping Mug

Yeti Tumbler

The Most Intense Headlamp I’ve ever seen!!!

Hunting Knife

Water Proof Dry Bag 

Emergency Fire-starter, Compass, and Whistle

Survival Paracord Bracelet

Camping Cookware

Fun Gifts for Dad


Ask me about My Dad Jokes

Giant Yard Dice

Ladder Toss Game

For the Star Wars Dad… This one is for my Brother 🙂


Pillows He will Actually Care About

Ask me about my Father

R2D2 Storage Bin

 Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener 

Death star, Yoda, Stormtrooper Cufflinks


For the Traditional Dad


I Love You, Dad Tie Clip


Cool Cufflinks




#1 Dad Tie

Not Drawing Enough Intention?!?!


I hope this list gave you enough ideas to show your father how much you care for Him this Father’s Day. To any father or soon to be father reading… Happy Father’s DAY!!! It is often a thankless job so thank you! And to my own father who once flew across the country to help me fix my brakes on my car… Happy Father’s Day! I can’t thank you enough for your constant support over the years!

Happy Father’s Day!

Need more gift ideas check out these gifts under $35.00!

57 Last Minute gifts for Him when you are on a BUDGET

Free Budget Form Here!

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18 thoughts on “67 Gifts for Dad When you are on a BUDGET!

  1. Finding a Father’s Day gift for my husband is so difficult, and even more difficult, finding one that doesn’t cost us our first born child. Thanks for a nice list!

  2. My dad is so so so so so hard to buy gifts for – so I just don’t. We have an agreement. I give him a call – we don’t live close by – and that seems to be good enough. I do plan on visiting home for the 4th of July, and I plan on bringing MEAT with me so … That can serve as a gift in away!

  3. These are all great, unique, and budget-friendly ideas for gifts for dad! I love the resounding Star Wars theme, though those gifts would not work in particular for my dad. Great roundup!

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