Amazon Prime Day: What are the BEST deals?

the best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2017

the best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2017

Amazon Prime Day: What are the BEST deals?

The best way to save money is wait for the best deals!!! I love July for two reasons 1) it is my birthday month 2) Amazon Prime deals!!! So now I get to spend some of that birthday money on these awesome deals.

How does Amazon Prime Work?

If you are new to Amazon Prime, here are the basics. Amazon prime is a membership to which you pay for a yearly or monthly membership, kinda like Costco. Just like Costco or Sam’s Club your membership pays for it’s self in a few months. Only unlike those stores you never have to leave your house and what you order arrives on your door stop for FREE! But in order to get the Amazon Prime Day deals you gotta be a member… don’t worry it’s worth it. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

What do you get with Amazon Prime?

  1. FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING: Everyone hates paying for shipping! If you are an Amazon Prime member you get free shipping for a year. I join Amazon Prime when I was planning for my wedding and realized I only had to buy about 12 items for the prime membership to pay for it’s self. I did that in the first day alone! Disclaimer: not all items on Amazon will have Amazon Prime shipping. I simply look for the prime logo and only buy items that have free shipping.
  2. VIDEO STREAMING: If you love Netflix then Amazon Prime will only increase the amount of shows you can access at your finger tips. There are free shows and movies included with your membership. For the newer releases you can spend a few bucks for an instant download, which is still cheaper than the movies. I didn’t realize there were free movies and ignored this feature for a long time. But once I got on there I couldn’t believe what I was missing.
  3. MUSIC STREAMING: Prime music allows you to stream music from over two million songs. Their selection changes and increases all the time.
  4. FREE UNLIMITED PHOTO STORAGE: Anyone else slowing down their computer with hundreds of random photos you just can’t part from? This is totally worth it!

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

If you are a student you can get a 6 month trial by join here!

What if I want to cancel?

This is super easy to do! My husband and I both had a membership and there was no point in both of us paying for a membership. I simply logged onto and clicked on “my account”. I realized I just missed the membership renewal date and it automatically renewed… gasp! I wasn’t sure I was going to get my money back. I simply clicked cancel and because I never used my account during that time I got a full refund!

What Amazon Prime Day deals are worth my money?



New Fire HD Tablet! 


Save almost $300 of this 55 inch 4k HD TV

33% OFF Roomba Robotic Vacuum… umm yes please!

A kid Proof Tablet 



Personal Care

Save 30% Hair Straightener 

save 31% FHU Straightener 

I dropped my hair straightener on the grown with one side straight and the other curly… True story… that was a fun morning. I need this!


61% Electric Toothbrush!!!

ohhhh! I need to ditch my free truth brush from the dentist for this!

Two pack Electric Tooth brush! 


35% off Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

36% off Beard trimmer

Save 45% off this shaver! 


For the Kitchen

Save 42% on a Ninja blender!

I LOVE my ninja! Totally worth it!

Save 31% Pressure Cooker…

My friends swears by hers… might just give this a try!

For the home!

70% off Samsonite Spinner Suitcases

(My husband has a Samsonite and I don’t… when we travel I make him change with me since his is so much easier to roll)

52% OFF this coffee table!


great deal on these bar stools

Get a new Mattress

Save $60 on a new office chair


Save 71% on this storage ottoman


A new area rug!



Free Budget Form Here!

Screen shot 2017 04 10 at 2.16.43 pm

Download the same budget I used to pay off $30,000 in just 11 months!!!

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5 thoughts on “Amazon Prime Day: What are the BEST deals?

  1. Great post! Amazon prime seems to be a good deal for those people who shop a lot and want to get the best prices from the comfort of their own homes! I like how you can cancel the membership at any time if you are not comfortable, and you can get a full refund!

  2. I wanted so badly to participate in all the hype yesterday with Amazon Prime Day. I have Amazon Prime and I love it. But I am currently living in my parents house and saving for my wedding so I’m basically homeless and have no room to be buying anything new right now. I was devastated! I love a good deal!

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