How to Have the Cheapest Date Night… EVER! (and get cash back)

cheap date ideas

How to Have the Cheapest Date Night… EVER!

(and even get cash back)

But First a Little about us:

When my husband graduated from law school we knew our life would change. Not just because of his career but because of both of our student loans were coming due and things weren’t looking pretty. Between the two of us we had a minimum payment of $1,500 A MONTH for 10 YEARS… yes 10 YEARS!!!! Worse off if we paid that minimum amount for 10 YEARS, we would be paying back an additional $50,000 in INTEREST! (Excuse me if I gag a little)

So what did we do?

We learned how to budget, plan for emergencies, save money, and side hustle like crazy to increase our income. Our results? In just 11 months we paid off $30,000! And we are on track for even more this year!

We did this by establishing the Four Pillars of a debt free person in our life.

The Four Pillars of a Debt Free Person

Should you have a date night when you are in debt?

Short answer: YES! … BUT GET CREATIVE. I know by now your eyes are going to glaze over because you think I am going to tell you to go on a militant budget and never have any fun. Well that is one option. But instead my husband and I found clever hacks and ways to save money so we can still enjoy life while tackling our debt!

cheap date ideas, inexpensive date nights

To have a Date Night or Not?

Our Date Night dilemma… Dates can be expensive, but they don’t have to be! For me connecting with my husband and having fun is essential. When we first got serious about our finances and paying off debt my husband struggled with the concept of inexpensive dates. To him “romance” was a fancy night out. But there is a way around expensive nights out.

How do we have “Date Nights” on a budget?

cheap date ideas

First, we set a budget for “fun items” for the month. And we stick to it! It isn’t much but if your creative there are many exciting things you can do under $10-20!


My favorite way to have a cheap date night out is through great apps like Groupon or Living Social. Both of these websites advertise local deals at a fraction of what they actually cost. My husband and I have done archery, tried a new restaurant, gone for a bike ride around the city, and attended fun festivals! All for under $20 together!

How to hack your “Date Night” to double dip and have the cheapest night out?


  1. Prior to picking a groupon or living social deal, sign up with . It is completely free and is a website that gives you a cash back rebate if you first click through their website. If you are anything like me you are thinking, “What does Ebates get out of it, if they are paying you cash back for purchases?” Basically Ebates is an affiliate for over 2,000 stores. An affiliate earns commission for referring sales. Ebates drives their sales by giving half their commission back to the customer (you). The retailer wins by getting a sale. Ebates wins by getting a small commission. You win by getting cash back.  Want more information? Check out my whole review on or click here to sign up now.
  2. Once you are on the website simply search for groupon or living social. It will tell you how much cash back they are offering on that given day. Generally it is anywhere from 3%-15%.
  3. Click on the deal you wish to choose. Be sure to check the promocodes! These will save you even more cash! While visiting New York we bought a groupon to bike Central park. Not only did we save 50% on the actual price but I also used a promo code that got me an additional 15% off!
  4. Once you choose your deal it will take you to that website and you can make your purchase. And it is as simple as that!


My secret in a nutshell: Receive cash back on your date from Ebates while getting a big discount from Groupon or Living Social.


Cheap date ideasHow do I sign up for Ebates?

Signing up is a breeze! Plus, it is completely FREE! 1) You first go to Ebates official website and click join. 2) A pop up will apprear and you can either join with facebook, google, or your email and personal password. 3) Currently, if you sign up you can get a $10 bonus (I choose mine to come as a walmart gift card) as long as you purchase one item for over $25.00 within 90 days. I suspect they do this to show that the site is legit and you will get your cash bonus. Also, this really encouraged me to think of Ebates before future online purchases.


Does it actually work?

I was skeptical of Ebates at first, but it actually works! So far the only catch I have found is that 1) you have to click through their site or plug in first 2) you have to buy items first in order to earn cash back. However, even with only buying items I would have to buy anyways either for the home, work, or a birthday presents I get a small check just for purchasing needed items.

Want more information?

Ebates Scam? Or a Legit Side Hustle?

Date night bliss!

By using Ebates & finding local deals my husband and I were able to still enjoy life all while staying in our tight budget! Plus you can even use the cash back you receive to fund future nights out!

Stay with in your budget, you can do it!


If we did it so can you!




Free Budget Form Here!

Screen shot 2017 04 10 at 2.16.43 pm

Download the same budget I used to pay off $30,000 in just 11 months!!!

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28 thoughts on “How to Have the Cheapest Date Night… EVER! (and get cash back)

  1. I have been signing up for ebates for so long in my head and still haven’t done it. This is a great post, with really helpful information. I have three kids and groupon really helped me save money on our outings. I will definitely be trying ebates and livingsocial!

  2. Some great ideas here! I have to say keeping date night simple at home can be great too. A delicious home-cooked meal eaten by candlelight, a movie with some homemade popcorn.

  3. Super cool and useful idea! i might also think about doing this (maybe not exactly Ebates since I’m not sure if it is available in my home country) since there are a wide range of coupon sites also here 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m always down for a cheap date night! My husband and I like to have a fire out in the yard after the kids go to bed! It’s always nice to just sit under the stars together.

  5. Thanks for sharing the fabulous tips on creating cheap date nights. =) I’ve never heard of ebates, so I look forward to checking it out. Cheers!

  6. Great tips! I’ve heard a lot about ebates, but still haven’t given it a try yet. I’m definitely going to look into it because every little bit of savings helps!

  7. Fun idea! My husband and I just paid of the last of student loans last week (woohoo!!), but we’re still stickler for economic dates! This is a fun idea that I hadn’t thought of, and I appreciate you sharing!

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