How to Make Reusable Wedding Signs when your on a Budget!

DIY chalkboard wedding signs decor on a budget

DIY chalkboard wedding signs decor on a budget

How to Make Reusable Wedding Signs

when your on a Budget!

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Weddings are crazy expensive and can I say it … a little bit frustrating. The frustrating side comes from realizing we spent a bunch of hard earned cash on items we will only use for one day. Then if you are anything like me these items will sit in boxes collecting dust until your next move.

How to save on your wedding day!

When planning our wedding my husband and I were on a tight budget and even tighter deadline. My husband was just finishing law school and I was getting my Master’s and knew student loans would be coming due. (We were able to pay off 30,000 our first 11 months of marriage, read how here). We didn’t have time for long drawn out DIY projects, but always didn’t have the cash to spend frivolously on pinterest perfect wedding signs. Instead we got clever and found a way to save cash and decorate our new place at the same time.

Items needed:

  1. Desired frames
  2. can of chalkboard spray paint
  3. paint cloth or old sheets
  4. card stock or cardboard but to desired size
  5. chalkboard pen
  6. exacto knife


How to Make Reusable Wedding Signs:

1) Choose your Frames:

Choose frames that match the decor of your new home. These frames will be housing your best wedding photos so you will want to get a sturdy frame that can stand the test of time.  Personally, I opted for neutral colors like white, cream, and silver because I know those would be the most versital.

wedding signs chalkboard paint

I checked around and Amazon had the best prices and they arrived to my door in two days. Even better, I didn’t have time to spend hours at the store so this was a blessing!

Matted White Frame 

Silver Wood Picture Frame

Silver Picture Frame

Ornate Picture Frame

2) Buy your Supplies and Create Prep Area

Buy a can of Chalk boar Spray paint. Amazon was cheaper than my local hardware store and it saved me precious time! But, definitely go with whatever is cheaper! You will also need card stock or cardboard cut the size of the desired frame. Use an exact knife to make sure you have a clean cut. I just used thicker paper we had lying around the house and it worked just fine. Find a flat surface to work at. Use an old sheet or paint cloth for easy clean up.

3) Make your Chalkboard Surface

In long even strokes about a foot away spay the cardstock with chalk board spray paint until it is evenly covered. Continually move the can while spraying otherwise it will pool in one area.

Chalk board paint projects

15 Insanely Clever Ways to Save Money on your Wedding Day!

4) Design your Sign

Using a chalk pen create your desired sign. Hint: You can use any color you want! It doesn’t have to be boring white. I liked the classic look but no a days there is chalk pens in just about every color imaginable.

Common wedding signage:

  1. Choose a seat not a side
  2. Picture Hashtag
  3. Guest book
  4. Drink options
  5. Gift/ Card Table
  6. Ceremony program
  7. Bathrooms
  8. Photo booth

wedding signs chalkboard paint

wedding signs chalkboard paint

5) Repurpose

After you return from your honeymoon you will be ready to view your gorgeous photos capturing the big day! After picking out the best photos, get them printed at costco, walgreens, or anywhere else that prints cheap! Once they arrive just swap out the photos and you are ready to decorate your new place without spending any extra cash!

wedding signs chalkboard paint home decor wedding signs chalkboard paint

DIY chalkboard wedding signs decor on a budget

In fact, I bought a ton of items online that saved me thousands! Check out this article for more information. 

How I Saved over $3000 on our Wedding!!!

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15 Insanely Clever Ways to Save Money on your Wedding Day!

Wedding Planning Freebie!

Ultimate bridal freebie 4

Finally a wedding budget you can actually edit! Use this to track everything and stay on track!

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  1. Great post! I love DIY ideas. We made chalkboard signs for our wedding and they were a hit. Thanks for the awesome easy-to-follow tips!

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