3. Save Money

Saving money and cutting expenses is the “fun” part of your financial foundation. This is the part where you learn to live within the security of your money spending plan. Saving money requires creativity and thinking outside of the box. I love doing this! If I have a budget I can find a way to live well within it. No matter how small.

Ways to Save Money

Our internet raised $25 dollars a month and I called them up and said that was a price I could not afford. After a 30 minute conversation I was about to save us $20.00 a month! Then, we switched our car insurance and saved another $60.00 a month. Finally, we cut a monthly shooting range membership to increase our savings to just over $100 a month! Why did I not do this sooner?!?!

The best way to save is one simple word… no! When we increased our income and had extra income I wanted to go to Italy, Josh wanted a new TV. (You know those TV’s on display when you walk into Costco… all of those.) But we realized we would be giving up future financial security if we strayed from our “Spending Plan” and we couldn’t afford that!

Get Cash Back Rebates on Everyday Items!

If you search around you will find different ways to save money and make cash back online. But some of them are just plain scams. I only recommend sites that are completely free of charge and never ask you to enter your credit card information. www.ebates.com is a great site that gives you cash back on everyday purchases from almost any store you can think of. The cash back varies depending on the season and sale they are running but it is worth signing up. Read my full review of my experience below.

Ebates Scam? Or a Legit Side Hustle?

Save Money with these Clever Gift Ideas!

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Wedding on a budget 

How I Saved over $3000 on our Wedding!!!

Free Budget Form Here!

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