4. Increase Income

Once you have your budget or spending plan in order then it is time to increase your income as much as possible. This is the last pillar on purpose. If you seek to increase your income before truly learning to live on a budget and manage emergencies, trust me you will find new ways to spend that hard earned cash and not get any closer to paying off debt. When our income doubled we did not change our lifestyle one bit. Since we were already used to living frugal we simply increased the amount we sent to debt each month.

Over the past year we were able to more than double our income since we first got married. We did this by taking on second jobs and learning how to side hustle to earn extra income on the side.

Side Hustles Worth your Time

Side Hustle with Lyft

My husband although a busy lawyer decided to drive for Lyft on the side. He drove in his free time and got to chit chat with some great people. Click here to access the latest incentives and make up to $35/hr for driving your own car. Driving for Lyft added an additional $500 – $1,000 a month!!! This really helped us pay off our debt fast! The extra income went straight to our lowest student loan and we paid it off in two months!  If you are new to lyft click on this and get $50.00 in Lyft credit towards your first ride!

Make money with a small blog!

Why not make passive income writing about something you love! I started a blog because I was passionate about saving money and paying off debt. But hey! Why not make money writing about your passion?!? Many stay at home mom’s and millenials are making thousands each month through advertisements and affiliate marketing links (these are links where you get a commission for the sale without adding any cost to the customer). Carolina made over $1,000/month from Amazon while her blog was under 10K page views and has increased her affiliate income as her blog has grown. 

If you are passionate about fashion, homeschooling, DIY projects, or saving money you can become like so many others and make thousands each month through a small blog. Suzi with Start a Mom blog went from making $0.00 to $17,000 a month in just one year. Can you imagine how much debt you could pay off, if you earned $17,000 a month?!? She has a great course that is way under priced, that teaches you exactly how to start a blog (Most blogging courses are over $300). She taught me everything I know and has helped me add a little extra income to pay off debt fast!

If we can do it, so can you!

Free Budget Form Here!

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Download the same budget I used to pay off $30,000 in just 11 months!!!

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