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how does student loan interest work?

How Much do Student Loans Actually Cost?

How Much do Student Loans Actually Cost? How Student Loan Interest Motivated us to Pay off $33,000 in 12 months! I spent several years as a teacher and one thing I learned is that knowledge truly is power. The number one reason my husband and I were able to pay off $30,000 in one year […]

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ebates scam or legit

Ebates Scam? Or a Legit Side Hustle?

 Ebates, Scam? Or a Legit Side Hustle?   I started blogging because my husband and I were able to pay off an insane amount of money our first year of marriage, and I wanted to share what I learned with the world! How much you ask? We paid off 30,000 in just 11 months and are […]

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what to buy online to save thousands on your wedding

17 Wedding Essentials we Bought Online Saving THOUSANDS!

How I saved over $3000 on our Wedding!!! My husband and I got married in just under four months! On top of a tight timeline we had an even tighter budget. At the time my husband was finishing Law School so we were planning a wedding on one income and were determined to not go […]

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debt free, pay off debt fast

The Four Pillars of a Debt Free Person

The Four Pillars of a Debt Free Person I started this blog because I was tired of seeing my fellow Millenials becoming absolutely enslaved by student loans and debts. As a society we have normalized debt to the point that the majority of college graduates are entering the work force with more debt that they earn […]

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The book that motivated me to pay off debt

The one Book I Read that Motivated me to pay off $30,000 of Debt in just 11 months

The one book we read to motivate us to pay off 30,000 in 11 months! *This post contains affiliate links Can I just say it…. I hate debt! I have hated debt for a while, yet for some reason I just continued to live with this thing I hated. Like many I accepted debt and didn’t […]

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